Centenary of World War One

Monday 4 August 2014 marked the 100 year anniversary since the declaration of the First World War. Commemorations were held across the nation to pay tribute to the men and women who sacrficed their lives in the war. This included a commemorative service at Baglownie War Memorial where hundreds were gathered. Read more from the Illawarra Mercury.

The sequence of events during the inital days of the First World War can be seen below:

Illawarra Mercury, 4 August 1914, p.2.

Australia almost immediately promised 20 000 troops following the declaration of war showing loyalty to the Empire.

The Australisian, 8 August 1914, p.35.

The first battalion was raised withing a fortnight of the war in August 1914 and embarked just two months later. Following a quick stop in Albany, Western Australia, they proceeded to Egypt arriving on 2 December 1914 (Australian War Memorial 2014).

The Sydney Stock and Station Journal, 7 August 1914, p.10.

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